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Ranch-Style Home Décor With Modern Bits

Ranch-style homes have become quite the popular, novice. There is a cozy element that remains supreme in this particular style of home. If you have always wanted the aesthetic of a ranch-style home, it’s time to do so. Bringing a ranch visual helps give your home an intimate approach. Take your décor a step further by pairing it with modern bits. Let us help you create the perfect ranch-style home with a blend of modern right where you need it most.

Wood & More Wood

When selecting your wood, consider as many shades as possible. Doing so creates a multidimensional approach.

There is always a chance that you can take full advantage of any wood that is already displayed in your home. However, this time around you want to not only keep the wood you already have but you want to make sure you add some more. Ranch homes have a large scale of wooden bits and this time you want to do the same. Add wood as part of the ceiling, flooring, and furniture to bring it all together.

Fabric with Pattern

Choose a fabric that makes the room feel grand yet has enough power on its own that it doesn’t need to be paired with a multitude of additional patterns. 

Ranch-style homes typically have a ton of wood but lack color and patterns. That is where you want to come in and add a patterned fabric. Adding a patterned fabric piece works due giving you the texture and personality you want to showcase. Incorporate a patterned chair as an accent to make the room feel stylish and chic but with a dose of color.

Function over Everything

The more functional your room is grander its appeal will be. Consider having a table that is versatile enough to work in multiple different settings. 

Regardless, of what decorating style you prefer having a functional display is the way to go. Ranch-styles focus heavily on how functional each piece is to the room. If you can’t sit on it, use it or have it displayed for some sort of purpose you want to remove it from the room. Each piece should have a job besides being a part of your décor. Furthermore, ensure you have a plan on hand before you begin decorating.

Different Textures

When showcasing your different textures you want to display as much of it as possible in order to create a grand approach.

Texture is another concept ranch-homes are big on. Most areas of the home have some sort of texture displayed. We recommend taking it a step further and adding a multitude of textures in one room. The idea is to have our array of texture speak for itself while making a statement. Blend marble, wood, metals and lux it’s to make the room come to life.

Go Industrial

Leave open space when you’re working on industrial decor to bring you a unique display that makes the room feel grand.

An industrial decorative style is not only modern but works exceptionally well in a ranch-style home. It blends an array of elements such as iron, brick, wood, stone and unfinished metals for that classic industrial charm. Bring in earthy tones and pair them with shades of blue and green for a unique approach that is quite unique in its own right.

Keep your Palette Neutral

Add accent colors to your throw pillows to enhance the neutral hues you already have.

When it comes to your color palette you want to work with hues that enhance the room’s aesthetic. Regardless, of how big or small the room is having a display of neutral hues is always a smart idea. With neutral hues, you can add as many colorful elements as you would like without having to completely redecorate. Additionally, there is an air of sleekness that appears when you use neutrals. For a textured approach use print’s that have neutrals weaved into one another.

High Ceilings

The larger your chandelier the bigger the focus on your ceiling it will be. This works best if you have a V tipped ceiling.

Ranch-style homes are notorious for having taller than normal ceilings. Due to having this feature we recommend maintaining your décor focused directly on elongating the room. What this means is you want to focus on making your ceilings feel even taller. In order to do just that bring in a fun chandelier, and make it feel grand. You might even want to consider having multiple fixtures for lighting in one single ceiling space.

Dark Wood

Keep darker wood, fresh by having a light painted wall for an expansive touch. 

If you want to add wood to the room, but don’t know which wood to use- dark wood is the way to go. A darker wood allows you to have that rich feel from the moment you enter the room. The idea is to have the wood became a staple to the area, while still working cohesively with what you already have.

Comfort is Key

Pair your rug with comfortable couches for a beautiful display.

Is there something more comfortable and cozier than having a rug? Maybe? But any room can feel exceptionally chic when it has a rug displayed. For your selected rug you want to go for a large display. You might even want to consider having a layered rug aesthetic for a charming bit.

Colorful Array

Keep it fresh by having a few white bits displayed right where you need it most.

And just when you thought we were done mentioning color, we come in with a bolder display. This time you want to showcase as many colors as possible. In order to do it the right way, take your favorite contrasting tones and bring them to life as part of your décor. Pair with classic, tones of white, black, beige and gray to ensure the room feels cohesive even when you have bold colors as the main display.

Which of these is your personal favorite idea? Share with us below.


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