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Raised Kitchen Sink Workstation with Dual Draining – Modex by Blanco

Long a leader in the realm of high-end home and professional sink design, Blanco, based in the small town of Oberderdingen, Germany, is at it again with this new product, the Modex sink (shown here with its matching Alta faucet). Installed as an above-counter fixture with a more vertical profile than most counter-mounted sinks, the Modex exudes both minimalism and design power. The Modex’s design is the product of a clever rethinking of the space around a traditional sink, which often becomes covered with water or food particles throughout the preparation of a meal. To the basin’s left, an angled tray funnels excess water down towards the drain without any mechanical interaction. Gravity alone does the work of ridding of waste water, and the side tray isn’t limited to that purpose alone, either. The sink comes with a fitted and leveled cutting board mounted above the angled platform, transforming that area into additional counter space with direct disposal of scraps as needed.
Down inside the basin, the cap of the actual drain assembly is wide and crafted of stainless steel, with an extremely small clearance to keep unwanted particles from entering. In a kitchen with light counters, the drain of a black Modex connects the sink structure to the fixtures around it. The sink comes in six colors, all of which are finished with protection against chipping or wear, with special attention paid to reaction with food ingredients that may slowly deteriorate other finishes. All of these are coated in a layer of bacteria-resistant materials as well, keeping the sink and its side assembly clean for food preparation.

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