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Rain Canopies from Jaclo – square or round Spa Rain Canopy

Jaclo will have you singing in the rain – er, shower – with these innovative rain canopy showerheads. Their rectangular rain dome measures 16” X 20” and features a full drenching spray effect provided by 372 easy to clean and replaceable rubber jets. The round version is 16” in diameter and has 360 rubber jets to create full rain effect every time you shower. These canopies have solid, durable brass construction and include a 12” ceiling mounting kit for convenient installation. Custom length mounting kits are also available (5” length min.) for more unique applications. These products are sleek and stylish, available in a snazzy polished chrome finish. These fixtures provide a soothing, yet refreshing experience that makes you feel as if you’ve stepped out into the rain – all in the privacy of your home. Jaclo



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