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New Radiator Designs by i-radium – modern contemporary

i radium radiator bag 1 New Radiator Designs by i radium   modern contemporary
Is your home suffering from Ugly Radiator Syndrome? Then check out these gorgeous new modern radiator designs from i-radium – the Bag and Totem. These contemporary designs are sleek, stylish, and worthy or a prized place in your home. No longer will you want to hide it out of sight. The Bag and Totem are designed to complement your contemporary furniture collections, and they’re portable so you can move them as needed. The Bag radiator features a thin, square sheet of wood that transforms it from a functional tool to an artful showpiece. The Totem radiator is notable for its refined style and sculptural aesthetic. Made of aluminum and wrapped in a warm, wooden embrace, this unique home essential is hot in more ways than one! Who knew a radiator could be such a modern showpiece? Bring some hot style and a healthy touch of heat to your home with these cool radiators from i-radium.
i radium radiator totem 1 New Radiator Designs by i radium   modern contemporary




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