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Quirky Interior Design with an Eclectic Taste

If being different and unique is something you value, then you must take a moment to appreciate this quirky interior design with a nice eclectic taste. This award winning home was designed by Archimania and has this exceptional ‘one of its kind’ quality. The interior possesses a lot of wood features and this always warms a space, making it inviting. And it’s never a bad option to open up the space with large windows. The random red pattern on the large window wall is very remarkable choice. The minimal, modern staircase plays an important role in maintaining flow and keeping the space open. Equally note-worthy are the different sized windows on the bold blue living room wall. Using grey brick trim on the fireplace and matching it to the doorway is another nice detail that adds textural interest. Speaking of details, did you notice the kitchen cabinets? Instead of traditional handles, the doors have been cut at different angles to allow them to be opened in a very original way. Visit Archimania for more info.



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