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Chic Vanity – luxury quilted Comeo vanities by Ypsilon

This chic vanity by Ypsilon will appeal to your traditional sensibilities while still satisfying your most-modern cravings – not an easy feat. The luxury quilted Comeo vanities feature sculptural, sexy curves in their legs and body, and a front finished in padded and quilted leather that’s as easy to the touch as it is on the eyes. Front and center, each drawers boast gold-key handles. In contemporary contrast, the sides are done in a rich, glossy lacquer. Available in the two prettiest colors out there (pink and ivory), this feminine vanity has the perfect finishing touch – the bold, black-velvet buttoning that puts the exclamation point at the end of this sentence! Lend your bathroom the look of opulent sophistication with the luxury Comeo vanities. Check them out at Ypsilon.



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