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Quetzal Armchair is Like a Flower With Reversible Petals

Marc Venot is an industrial designer, who worked for an agency specializing in perfume and spirits design. Opening a studio in 2011, he now chooses to focus on furniture design for such companies as Normann Copenhagen, Ligne Roset, Thonet, and others. Quetzal Armchair, one of his latest works for Missana, proves that this is where the designer truly belongs.

Just take a look at those 14 elegantly overlapped bicolor pillows that contrast with the frame regardless of their position. Handmade in the Alberic factory of Valencia, Spain, they make for an incredible seat where you can feel as a bee, only without the hard work and business.

Quetzal 900x497 Quetzal Armchair is Like a Flower With Reversible Petals
Yellow Quetzal 900x617 Quetzal Armchair is Like a Flower With Reversible Petals
Yellow Quetzal

Designed in a stylish combination of dark grey and bright yellow as well as navy blue and white, Quetzal stands on modernist-looking legs. A speaker-shaped seat and individual cushions overpower the minimal base. But that’s just inevitable with a creative seat like this.

Quetzal’s reversible seat turns over in a ‘blink of an eye’, revealing a different color. The pillows overlap so well, they don’t billow regardless of how you use them.

A speaker-shaped seat is interesting by itself. It’s a little far from the traditional armchair design, but looks cozy enough to spend your evenings in. And only the simple modern legs look familiar enough.

It is upholstered in Febrik’s Twill that comprises 60% wool, 20% polyamide, and 20% polyester, which makes it a perfect warm winter seat that is also easy to maintain.

The opening in the middle of the chair surprises, but also doesn’t seem like a detriment to comfort. It is rather a way to make overlapping smoother and more comfortable. It also substitutes for an eye of the flower, rendering the design even more organic.

Quetzal  Armchair is Like a Reversible Bloom

Quetzal chair
Quetzal chair
Yellow Quetzal armchair
Yellow Quetzal armchair
Reversible Quetzal armchair
Reversible Quetzal armchair
Blue Quetzal
Blue Quetzal



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