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Pun Collection Tiles from Ascot Ceramiche – get your message across without saying a word

Ascot Tiles Pun collection
Perfect for people who like a touch of light-heartedness in life – the Pun collection of tiles from Ascot Ceramiche don’t take themselves too seriously. Glossy tiles in attractive colours, the Pun collection features raised words embossed into the tile. Sending cute, appropriate messages to guests adds personality and warmth to an interior! Appropriate for home or business use, the Pun tiles lend their use particularly to bathrooms, but many other applications can be envisaged. Point guests towards to the exit, the shop, or the elevator in an unobtrusive manner which eliminates the need for tacky signs. Or simply leave friendly or humorous messages for others to discover – as pictured ‘You can relax here’ above a seat, or ‘It’s never too late’ beneath the clock. Smart, sassy style to liven up any room – the Pun tiles are from Ascot Ceramiche.
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Ascot Tiles Pun in Orange - you can relax here
Ascot Tiles Pun - exit arrow
Ascot Tiles Pun - soap

Ascot Tiles Pun in Gray
Ascot Tiles Pun - toilets


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