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Concrete Art Floor from Transparent House – Beautiful and Practical flooring

Transparent House Concrete Art flooring
Ingeniously combining hard-wearing polished concrete with floral designs, the Transparent House presents this attractive concrete art flooring. The San Francisco based company recognizes the popularity of concrete art floor in contemporary interiors… and takes it that one step further to make an exceptional product. Any pattern may be applied, such as the delicate and swirling motifs pictured here, either when pouring the concrete or after when it has set. The lively and light-hearted flowers contrast with the concrete – ‘highlighting the cold austerity of the material’. Suitable for contemporary designed environments, you’ll find the polished concrete so easy to maintain in pristine condition. If this winning combination of the practical and the fanciful sounds like what you’ve been looking for, contact the Transparent House for more information.
Looking for a beautiful concrete countertop?
Transparent House Concrete Art floor with floral design

Transparent House Concrete Art Grey polished floor


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