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Concrete Countertop by Absolute ConcreteWorks – the absolutely amazing countertops

If at the word concrete you think drab grey slabs and 70s architecture, you are in for a surprise. In the hands of the craftsmen at Absolute ConcreteWorks, Concrete Countertops are transformed into organic works of art. The surface shines with a beautiful finish as if carved from precious stone. Rather than cold depressing grey, they create warm rust browns and coppery swirls that flow through the concrete countertop. Easy to clean with a mild cleanser, these concrete countertops feature three coats of penetrating sealer, four layers of topcoat finish and finally a wax coating that gives countertops that added shine and protection. An ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens, Absolute ConcreteWorks can offer you the exact colours and shape that natural materials can’t achieve. Each piece is individually cast at the studio and can feature custom edging, inlays and shaping. Then upon installation, each mould is broken ensuring your concrete countertop is a unique creation. Absolute ConcreteWorks create magnificent works of art from this much maligned material, and in the process they bring unique and distinctive materials into your home.


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