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Portable Fireplace in a Box – Firebo-x and Fireboard from Schulte

There’s no better way to heat things up for a romantic evening than with a modern, portable fireplace from German company Schulte Design. The Schulte Firebo-x portable fireplace is a great piece for spaces of all shapes and sizes, whether “home’ is a small condo or a spacious single. Its compact design lets you easily take it from room to room indoors, or try it outside for a warm ambiance under the stars. The Firebo-x movable fireplace features a beautiful low-board and a matching rack, with a hinged firebox to close when the fire goes out. Also from Schulte, the Fireboard fireplace brings romance to any room. A reflective back panel doubles the fireside fun with the illusion of twice the flames. The Fireboard fireplace features two 70cm wide drawers beside the hinged firebox in the center, creating a stylish storage solution. For more information on the Firebo-x and Fireboard compact portable fireplace, visit Schulte Design.



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