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Point basin by Antonio Lupi Design – the new countertop with an integrated basin

New from Antonio Lupi Design, the Point countertop with an integrated basin is a sleek and modern vanity for your high-end bathroom or powder room. The Point basin originates from the creative mind of designer Nevio Tellatin, who has successfully achieved the marriage between form and function. This Antonio Lupi basin seamlessly combines a rectilinear sink with a narrow countertop composed of Hi-Macs, an innovative acrylic material made from resins and various minerals derived from bauxite. The result of this combination is a vanity that is both practical and stylish. The unit is available in three versions – with a right-handed basin, a left-handed basin. or a centered basin – which range in width from less than two to almost nine feet. The Point also has a coordinating Fold towel bar that seems to defy gravity as it can be attached to the wall without any visible hardware. Antonio Lupi Design



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