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Wall Integrated Wash Basin by Antonio Lupi – Silence

There’s a buzz about this new wall integrated wash basin by Antonio Lupi, ironically named “Silence”. This futuristic bathroom sink boasts a stunning sculptural silhouette that gradually dips out from the wall, peaks, and then seamlessly fades into the background. This wash basin is made from Corian, and once installed it can be painted to match your walls, resulting in a clean, “barely there” aesthetic ideal for the modern, minimalist bathroom design. But that’s not to say this sink simply disappears out of sight. Integrated lighting illuminates the basin and really makes this cool design shine! Sleek, slim and super stylish, these sinks make a great addition to a private bathroom or powder room, solo or as a pair, or make a statement in a public bathroom with a whole row of these beauties. For more information on the Silence wall integrated wash basin, please visit Antonio Lupi.



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