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Pink Patio Sofa from Luminaire

pink patio sofa from luminaire 1 thumb 630x347 22385 Pink Patio Sofa from Luminaire

Talk about hot pink! Yes, it also comes in blue (see below) but who cares? The blue is lovely in a different way, but the fuschia explosion really got our attention. This patio sofa (designed by Francesco Rota) is available in a two or three seater. And it’s upholstered in Paola Lenti’s signature fabrics. Throw cushions complete the setting. Sleek and contemporary, this sofa will give an instant upgrade to its surroundings. All fabrics are suitable for outdoor use and legs have been coated for protection. Can’t you just see this hot pink piece in the middle of lush green plantings? A few well-placed lights and you’ve got the best designed patio in the ‘hood.

pink patio sofa from luminaire 2 thumb 630x347 22387 Pink Patio Sofa from Luminaire

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