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Piazzetta Wood Stove E905 by Robeys – compact wood stoves

In Robeys’ line of Piazzetta Stoves, the E905 is their ‘Romeo’. A compact wood stove, the E905 is ideal for smaller spaces. The sleek curved body of handcrafted majolica is a single-piece of glossy, vibrant colour. Its even symmetrical shape is calm and relaxing. The subtle details in the wood stove help it blend seamlessly into traditional or modern decor. The door is made of heat-resistant ceramic glass in a black cast iron frame; the sharp contrast creates a focal point of the roaring fire. This compact wood stove is entirely made of traditional cast iron, which is then covered in hand made majolica. The majolica ensures an even supply of air as well as storing heat. The stove produces 8kw of heat output; Piazzetta pride themselves on their high efficiency wood combustion which means lower fuel costs as well as extremely low carbon monoxide levels, so it is better for the environment. The compact E905 stove also features a top warming area, cast iron grate, and a removable ash pan. Available from Robeys for £1687 or $3,219.


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