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Petal Perfection – its in the Details

Manulution’s Petal Table, designed by Salih Teskeredzic is a modern table defined by its detailed traditional craftsmanship. All you have to do is look at the relief details within the edge of each petal to know this is a well-crafted and unique design. As well as the exceptional woodworking is the design’s ability to add or subtract petals, customizing their positioning in the process. These two features alone make the Petal Table a statement piece of exceptional quality and visual artistry.

The previous 3 petal version presents a Scandinavian or mid-century flavor that is enhanced by the splayed leg detail and pale wood finish, while this darker walnut stain and symmetrical four petal version is more representative of a 70s retro style.
These gorgeous hues of lime and grape bring on modern day with a vengeance, but while most modern furniture incorporates visuals and colours, they do not present the art of the detail as seen within the Petal Tables. My personal favourites are these coloured stains and I like the idea of using a pair in different hues. They still reveal the graining of the wood but the pops of colour make them both adorable and super fun. Simply stunning.


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