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Christmas Table setting ideas to brighten your Holiday Parties

When it comes to decorating your dining table according to the seasons, it’s all about finding a decorative style that’s not only festive but will work for multiple holiday parties. Let’s face it, many of us want to decorate our dining table once and reuse the decor time and time again. Furthermore, decorating your dining table is more than just using the right plates, spoons and cups it’s about creating a theme that makes the room come to life overall. Here are Christmas table setting ideas to brighten all of your holiday parties.

Winter Wonderland

Bring in fur to further showcase that winter wonderland appeal. Furthermore, enable your table to become the center of the room

Considering most of us love the idea of having a winter wonderland display, this one is perfect, particularly if you want to have a decorating style that will work for a multitude of decorating styles. Bring in textured neutrals with sleek patterns and pair it with snowflakes and white elements that further enhance the room’s winter wonderland approach. It’s all about making the room feel festive as possible without making the room feel over the top.

Classic Festive Palette

Stay in the same color palette throughout the room to give it a festive feel

Not everything has to be monotone and almost neutral, sometimes you want a festive fun twist and this one is just one of those ideas. Having a classic palette is perfect for those that want that sleek holiday feel displayed without taking away from your dining room’s overall aesthetic. Consider bringing in Christmas patterns such as stripes, light shades of green, red and even bows.

Simple Banquet

Keep the rest of your decor as simple as possible to allow your eucalyptus and garland to make the main focus

While most holidays and seasons enable you to use flowers and banquets with bold colors, Christmas doesn’t eucalyptus and even garland. Displaying either or of these will ensure you get the most floral feel without having to water these plants on a regular sis. Furthermore, bring a bit of tinsel to break it up with a holiday twist.

Red & White Stripes

Bring in red and white candy canes or mints to give the room that sleek focus that is still chic and charming

Red and white are staple shades that always work great together and apart. It’s almost as if these two shades were meant to feel festive when together or apart. This is a vibe for sure, bringing in red and white stripes enables you to use both shades simultaneous throughout the room while being minimal and sleek at once.

Did Someone say Woodsy?

Bring in wood table settings to make the room come to life and feel as simple yet earthy as possible.

We sure did! If you are looking for the perfect holiday table display that incorporates more than just the traditional red and white display. It enables you to use wood items that make the room come to life while feeling fresh and sleek. Pair with greenery, pine cones and wood bits that give it a farmhouse feel. Furthermore, consider adding a gingham pattern to give the room some contrast.

Christmas Tree Napkin

Add cute small name tags to your tree napkins for a personal touch that gives your guests their very own place at your table

Create a wow moment with your guests by showcasing your napkin folding skills. This can be done by taking your napkin and making it into a tree. Not only is this idea creative, but it’s perfect when you want a unique touch that is not only DIY but it’s personal to you and your table setting. Whether you do it with a white paper or a green one its completely up to you. You could even use linen so you don’t have to throw your cute trees away, simply toss them in the laundry and you are set.

Edible Centerpiece

When in doubt, bring in fruit! They’re easy and colorful while still being modern and engaging

Let’s face it, every holiday involves food, so why not take advantage of that and use your edible items as the main focus by making it the centerpiece. It’s all about making the food feel as sleek as possible. Furthermore, bring in desserts for that edible moment that is sweet and unique. Nevertheless, when in doubt, use candy canes for a colorful display.

Mercury Glass

Bring in hints of gold, and bronze to showcase your mercury glass approach. You might even consider bringing in mercury glass Christmas trees

Is there anything as enchanting as mercury glass? Possibly, but it sure does make a statement all on its own. It’s one of those items that become the main focus as soon as it’s placed down. Whether you display it alone or with other enchanting items is up to you. Use your mercury glass as a vase or as one of those items that enable the rest of your decor to come to life.

Plaid Print

Bring in rich dark shades of plaid for an edgy touch that still makes the room feel festive. It’s all about making the room have a seamless edge that screams Christmas

Plaid is one of our favorite holiday decorative prints. It makes a huge contrast, while bringing as much color as possible to your display. Furthermore, it makes your decor feel come to life with just the right hint of the holiday. It’s perfect for those that want something more farmhouse yet modern. It’s a modern in-between approach. Layer your prints together for a contrasting approach that feels cozy overall.

Mason Jars

Bring in sleek flowers for a feminine twist while still being festive and fun

Mason jars are great not only to drink out of but they are even better to decorate with. Decorating with mason jars gives you an edge as you can work with them for both reasons. It’s all about making the room feel as open and versatile at once. Add candles or even berries inside of your mason jar for the ultimate display. Bring in lighting for the perfect display.

How do you typically decorate for Christmas? Share with us your ideas below.


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