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Pedini Artika and Integra Kitchens get new colors and designs

The well-know Pedini Artika Kitchens are coming back with brand new designs. The original models were first introduced during the Milan fair 6 years ago, and been extremely popular ever since. Remodelling is welcomed even for the best and these kitchens are able to reflect the lifestyle of their owners. Ergonomics are also carefully analysed as to offer a maximum of comfort during work. This relaunching of Artika comprises an unexpected twist of shapes but also bright color hues. The new Artika Kitchens from Pedini keep up with the fast changes in the design field but keep the standards high.
Another even more interesting surprise was recently announced by Pedini: the unveiling of the new Integra design by one of the worlds most famous automobile manufacturers – Lamborghini. Using Pedini’s Integra Hook Kitchen design as a base, the new round Integra Lamborghini kitchen is upholstered in ostrich skin and displays the embossed Lamborghini bull logo. Available in black, cream and Lamborghini’s signature yellow. Pedini.



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