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There is a Lot to See From This Pavilion-Like House by Pitsou Kedem

Architect Pitsou Kedem and his studio designed an incredible pavilion-like house 20 kilometres from Tel-Aviv, cladding it in stone and beautiful woodwork.

The house that is characteristically heavy on glass inclusions stands protected from privy eyes with grey stone and fence. Inside the fence walls, however, there are picturesque trees that can be seen from almost any corner of the house.

Massive glazed walls make the place very pavilion-like
Woodwork intermixes with the decorative grey stone

The house has a structure of a multilevel pavilion, where the lower area is more spacious but the upper levels also feature the glass walls.

As if paying tribute to the original building, there is an exercise pavilion in the courtyard, overlooking the lap swimming pool through its glazed walls.

Interiors are as sleek as the structure itself, playing with the various number of straight vertical lines that characterize the entire project.

It must be a real treat to walk from room to room undisturbed by excessive furnishings or ample landscaped greenery outside. The whole area including the man-made structures seems serene and inspiring.

Pavilion-Like House in Israel With Picturesque Courtyards

Modern materials stand out against natural greens
Young trees will someday create a shaded pathway in the garden
Beautiful woodwork characterizes the house gate
Swimming pool has glass railings
Lap pool complements the freestanding gym pavilion
Massive glazed walls make the place very pavilion-like
Open plan living room has a spacious sectional
TV wall made of exterior grey stone
Smooth white floors enhance the pavilion atmosphere in the living room
Dining zone divides up the kitchen and living room
Freestanding wooden unit provides plenty of storage space to the kitchen
Kitchen also has a view of the tree
Second level windows allow more daylight into the house
A reading nook consists of a beautiful arrangement of side tables book stand and a couple of homely planters
A beautiful tree gets its own display in a form of a fully glazed corner
Even bedroom is open to the outdoors
Kitchen view from the outside
Narrow white corridor
Uplighting enhances the outdoors

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