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Patchwork Lounge Chair by Intertime

patchwork armchair and ottoman by intertime 1 thumb 630x511 29155 Patchwork Lounge Chair by Intertime

Winner of the Red Dot design award in 2012, Link lounge chair by Intertime combines the maximum sitting and reclining comfort with a sleek design and many personalization options. The patchwork version is a special edition, and the two variants make us think of childhood, when boys would get blue and girls would get pink. The same way, his Link has a pastel blue swivel base and hers has a pastel pink one. This powder coated metal swivel base allows the armchair to turn 360 degrees, for maximum comfort and minimum effort. The seat’s most interesting feature is different upholstery of the front and of the back. In both his and hers versions, the front part of the seat is covered in a very “grown-up” brown leather, with contrast double stitching. The fun part is when the chair turns to show its back, covered by a multicolor patchwork of felt wool pieces. The masculine version’s palette is a mix of two different shades of blue and beige, while the feminine version combines pastel violet, pink and beige. In both versions, one of the colors in the patchwork matches perfectly the color of the swivel base. The matching footrests are treated the same way, with blue or pink metal base and two-faced top part. In this case, the leather side is the bottom one, and the patchwork is at the top. A smart way of mixing materials and color to create a dual effect, sober on one side and playful on the other.

patchwork armchair and ottoman by intertime 2 thumb 630x630 29157 Patchwork Lounge Chair by Intertime



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