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Chair changes into Footstool – a highly flexible design by Leolux

Leolux Pastille chair
Fantastically versatile design: you’ll want to furnish your living room will a liberal sprinkling of the Pastille Chairs by Leolux and nothing more! This handy and generous piece is described by the company as “as tempting as a sweet” and we’d certainly tend to agree. After all, you can choose from a wide range of colorful upholstery options – and even a combination of two upholsteries (where the seat and back are a different color to the arms). Prefer a footstool? Lower the back of the chair and a royal footstool is yours. Want to relax with a book? Transform the footstool back into a comfortable chair with wide armrests. The Pastille is on well-formed castors for ease of movement too… although these can of course be blocked when you wish the chair to remain stationary. Representative of Leolux’s fabulous furnishing range, the Pastille chair is truly outstanding.


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