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2013 Luxury Loungers from Leolux: Darius and Bolea

Darius is the new hotseat from Leolux, and a modern throne if ever we’ve seen one. This design by Jan Armgardt envelops you with its high back, integrated armrest and sweetly sunken seat, all part of a single, solid mass. The chair’s smooth lines lead your eye down the reclined back and along its curving body, ending at the corners, down-turned and touching the floor. Sit back and let your body sway in the subtly springy frame, finished in polished chrome. And the upholstery fits like a glove – tailored to perfection. This bold chair is accompanied by a matching ottoman to pamper your feet.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Leolux’s Bolea lounger is low and luxurious, with its comfy curves and inviting frame down on the ground. This design by Riccardo Belli cocoons you in its cosy cushions, but contemporary style doesn’t play second fiddle to comfort. This modern design comes in the Lungo model, an elongated version made for lounging, and the Ovo – a compact, spherical design inspired by its namesake, the egg. These playful silhouettes come clad in a range of colorful and interchangeable upholstery options.
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