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Armchair Sella by Leolux

Comfort and style combine in the Sella armchair by Leolux. This fun piece of furniture comes in a host of vivid colors, just right for adding a focal point to your living area, while its cosy feel and soft, rounded shape promise rest and relaxation. Created by designer Patrick Belli for Leolux, Sella is finished in quality leather, over thick foam cushions on a sprung metal frame with polished aluminum feet. The armchair sports a ton sur ton color, which can be customized to suit different tastes or decors, and you can check out these on the Leolux website where an interactive function demonstrates the various color combinations. With its good looks and fluid shape – the form is designed to follow the lines of the human body, offering support where needed but great for snuggling into – Sella could well become a classic of tomorrow. For more information visit Leolux.



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