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Revolving Armchair (with revolving chair base) from Leolux – Gisa

The quirky Gisa revolving armchair from Leolux is fascinating whichever way you look at it; standing on a revolving chair base, it can rotate 360 degrees! Designed in 2005 by Jane Worthington, the compact Gisa armchair is inspired by the soft forms of nature. Like a swan, Gisa has a neck that turns and bends into many positions. Serving as a backrest, the chair’s ‘neck’ is an unusual and eye-catching innovation. The uncanny curves of the armchair were first moulded from one piece of material into a unified, organic shape. This shape is now faithfully reproduced using the best technology into leather and upholstered Gisa chairs, in many textures and hues. Nominated for the Interior Innovation Award Cologne 2006, the Gisa revolving armchair from Leolux is an iconic, unforgettable piece of furniture with a distinctly practical application.



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