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Panel Glides by Silent Gliss USA – the PanelVision window treatment

Panel Glides by Silent Gliss USA provide a unique option when it comes to dressing your windows. This panel fold treatment allows a designer or homeowner to customize window treatments to provide the ideal conditions to optimize or downplay exterior views. The innovative PanelVision system is based on a series of eight folded fabric panels that can be manipulated in a number of ways. Panels can be closely stacked to create a dramatic column of color while leaving the full view to the outside unobstructed. Fully folded panels can be spaced out across the window to create interesting vertical elements and to frame the view beyond , or can be partially unfolded to subdue some of the light coming in while still offering a hint of the outdoors. The panels can also be fully unfolded to create a translucent covering that ensures privacy and allows soft light to filter through the softly colored fabric. The system can be manually or mechanically operated for ease of use and can be specified in a wide variety of fabrics. As this system can be configured in many ways, it has many design options, with possibilities ranging from room dividers to window treatments to feature wall elements. Contact Silent Gliss with your unique PanelVision Panel Glides design concept to have your customized panel system fabricated. Silent Gliss


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