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Luxury Baths from THG – Palatial

luxury baths thg palatial Luxury Baths from THG   Palatial
Luxury bathroom design company THG has raised the curtain on its Palatial luxury baths collection, the headlines of its Marquis collection. These designer Art Deco bathtubs were inspired by Bernardaud’s iconic china pattern, reminiscent of French-chateau style. Its dramatic black exterior is adorned with ornate bay leaf garland and gold embellishments, all painstakingly applied by hand to ensure lasting quality and durability. “THG is renowned for its elegant craftsmanship, which is detailed in our partnerships with reputable brands including Lalique and distinguished designers such as Pierre-Yves Rochon and Jamie Drake,” says Scott Triethart, national sales manager, THG USA. “Our pairing with Bernardaud further communicates our core values of providing our customers with quality product that is synonymous with high art.” With the Palatial baths collection, you’ll feel like a pampered prince or princess every day. For more information on these special-order baths, visit THG.

luxury baths thg palatial details Luxury Baths from THG   Palatial



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