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Oval Tub from Simas – new Bohemien

oval tub simas bohemien Oval Tub from Simas   new Bohemien
Like a piece of abstract art, this bold oval tub from Simas arouses an emotional response in the viewer. A new addition to the Simas Bohemien bath collection, you can place it anywhere… it effortlessly takes center stage whether mounted against the wall, or placed in the middle of the room as a divider. Made of advanced CrystalTech material, the Bohemien tub features a gentle oval shape with a rectangular panel behind, from which the slim, hooked faucet and geometric handles emerge. The contrast of shapes can be further accentuated with contrasting colors, such as the powerful red and white combination pictured here. This tub adds a real sense of sophisticated design to your bathroom… and you can continue the look with the suspended toilet and bidet, as well as with your choice of two stunning washbasins. To find out more, contact Simas.
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oval tub simas bohemien top view Oval Tub from Simas   new Bohemien
Bohemien tub side view



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