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Outdoor Wallpaper by Susan Bradley – whimsical and decorative

Outdoor Wallpaper by Susan Bradley is a genuinely innovative concept to liven up areas for which there was previously no such solution. When faced with a drab expanse of exterior wall it has been hard to know what the solution could be… now, outdoor wallpaper provides a simple answer for those difficult spots. Whimsical and decorative, the gorgeous outdoor wallpaper brings the style you enjoy inside your home to the great outdoors – the re-interpreted wallpaper can be used as a trellis, screening, or purely as a focal point. Available in a superb range of designs, cutting-edge technology allows for outdoor wallpaper in acrylic or stainless steel (mirror polished or powder coated). It also comes in a variety of colours ranging from black to fluorescent transparent red! Outdoor wallpaper can add beauty to your environment from just GBP £75 – £375 or $154 – $772 US. The piece featured here is in the pattern ‘Damask’ (Height 1 metre x Width 57cms), and costs GBP £220 (US $452) in stainless steel – for more details consult Susan Bradley.




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