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Outdoor wall mount showers from Calazzo

Hot summer days and cool pools make summer a season to relish, and now the Calazzo outdoor wall mount showers make it easy to ward off the heat. Perfect for rinsing off pool chemicals or simply washing away the day’s heat, Calazzo’s outdoor showers offer a luxurious addition to your outdoor retreat. Available in a selection of graphic forms, the Calazzo wall mount showers have a contemporary style. Each is constructed of pierced cylindrical tubes that release a soothing spray of water. Teak handles stay cool beneath the summer sun, while the steel tubes shine and gleam. From a single angled tube to a crossed ring, the Calazzo outdoor shower above you with simple elegance. A stunning accessory for outdoor sanctuaries, Calazzo wall mounted showers are available for $769-$1199 and offer a simplicity that compliments your luxury life.


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