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Outdoor Benches by Pure Modern

If you’re looking to add a little pizzazz to your backyard, why not do it with outdoor benches by Pure Modern: the Coral bench / table and the Hive bench / coffee table from Arktura. These bright and elegant (and sturdy) benches are made from powder coated steel and designed to “wow” all eyes that see it. It makes a wonderful piece of outdoor decor while adding functionality to your backyard space too. What a cute coffee table it would make – or a great option to display potted plants on. Because of the cut-out design, they aren’t an overwhelming presence, you could put a couple of them together in a backyard and create a whimsical element to your surroundings. The benches comes in green, white, purple and orange, or you can custom color it as well. Available at Pure Modern, the Coral bench is $1990 and the Hive bench is $1790.



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