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Oriental Style Soft Sofa Jalis by COR

Designers Mark Jehs and Jurgen Laub put their heads together and came up with this cool, smart sofa design – the Jalis soft sofas by COR. Jalis, taken from Arabic, translates to “relaxed communication”, and a more fitting name there could not be. These Oriental style sofas were made for any space and any situation, from casual lounging to formal entertaining. Designed to encourage social interaction, this soft sofa can be combined for a variety of layouts suited to any-sized space. The fine fabric provides support and style, and when the light hits it in a certain way you’ll appreciate a pattern of three-dimensional fine embroidery. The deep seats, cushy backrests and copious cushions deliver comfort and a contemporary signature style that transforms any room into a social hotspot. For more details on these Oriental style sofas visit COR.



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