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Opus Kitchen Sink from Schock features natural silver ions to fight bacteria

Schock kitchen sink Opus blue
If cleanliness and good looks top your list of priorities in a kitchen sink, look no further than the Opus Kitchen Sink from Schock. Moving away from the typical stainless steel finishes of many modern sinks, the Opus collection offers something different. In muted tones of beige and blue, they make for a chic impression to compliment your personal style. Even more cleverly, embedded within all Schock sinks are natural silver ions fight bacteria as it develops, permanently destroying harmful germs. These ions are known as “bacteria police”. Also unusual are the shapes within the collection. Far from the norm, a wonderful eye-shaped sink, and a sink with an asymmetric slant are key items in the range. From Schock, the Opus collection will transcend trends.
Schock kitchen sink Opus beige


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