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Sensational Ocean Kitchen and Aquarium by Robert Kolenik

At first glance this amazing aquarium seems to have but one function – that of dazzling the viewer with its crystal clear water, LED lighting, select pieces of underwater geology and of course the ever moving and always beautiful fish. At 2nd glance you notice something else – there’s a faucet above the tank! This of course is enough to intrigue but then more things come into view – a sink and a stove, how is this possible?
Ocean Kitchen was cleverly designed by Trendir’s Facebook friend, Dutch Designer Robert Kolenik to incorporate a button operated mechanism that “lifts” the kitchen counter up, over and away from the aquarium below, allowing both the aquarium inhabitants and the kitchen users to share space without infringing on one another.

Another super cool feature of Ocean Kitchen is the cabinetry hidden in plain site. Accessed from the kitchen side of the aquarium this is where both storage is available and plumbing and electrical are hidden. Its such a unique design and its stunning aesthetics make it an ideal choice for luxury open concept social zones, board rooms, lounges and of course stand alone kitchens.
ocean-keuken-kitchen-aquarium-kolenik-1 .jpg
Aside from being beautiful and functional, the Ocean Kitchen is also intelligent. It incorporates plenty of storage and equipment space and the counter top moves effortlessly thanks to the button operated lift mechanism. A limited edition, it can be made to measure. We here at Trendir are great admirers of Robert Kolenik’s work and this Ocean’ Kitchen Aquarium Kitchen is just one of the many reasons why.


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