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Novello Max Vanity: natural, fluid sophistication

Novello vanity Max with wooden front
Max vanity from Novello is all about smooth, fluid lines. The wooden front of the vanity flows with the effortlessness of running water, the material expertly coaxed into a wavy line. The vanity retains practicality – it is a usable piece of art – as drawers glide out to reveal lots of storage. The vanity top continues the theme of the Max, adding a crisp clean feel but maintaining the liquidity of the piece with its glossy, touchable surface. You choose the sink – perhaps a heart-shaped or asymmetrical impression, integrated into the vanity, uninterrupted by lines or joins? Or a lovely contrasting, under-mounted sink with a shapely circular dip? Vanities from Novello will surprise and delight you.
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Novello vanity Max shows its wavy line
Novello vanity Max with heart-shaped sink

Novello vanity Max with asymmetrical impression sink


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