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New Teuco Hydrosonic hydroshower – Sharade, a bathtub and shower combination unit

A truly unique experience can be had with this Teuco hydroshower, the Sharade bathtub and shower combination unit. The Teuco combination unit is an innovative piece of equipment that combines the convenience of the bathtub and shower with multiple other amenities that make this a one-of-a-kind product for your bathroom. The interior of the unit has ample room, while the entire system is compact enough to fit into typical bathroom spaces. Various wellness aids are incorporated, including Hydrosonic technology (“the one source of well-being that combines the benefits of a water massage with the deep penetrating action of ultrasound waves”), whirlpool features, and multiple other functions. Through the use of translucent and opaque materials and lighting, the Sharade can produce special effects that cannot be found in other showers. This model is available in two versions – the Basic version without a wall panel that is clean and sleek, and the Accessories version that comes with a special back-lit panel. Contact Teuco for details.


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