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New Electronic Bathroom Faucet from Sanindusa – the Spot touch faucet

Sanindusa Spot electronic bathroom faucet turns on and off with the slightest touch
A hygienic and modern faucet, the Spot electronic bathroom faucet from Sanindusa is controlled by piezoelectric technology that turns on and off the water with only the slightest touch. The stream of water is both stable and accurate to conserve water and reduce your costs over time. Unlike other electronic taps, you may also interrupt the flow cycle when you are finished washing so as not to waste any water. The Spot faucet is so easy to maintain; the chrome surface is resistant to lime and there are no external moving parts. With a gentle angularity and simple appearance, the Spot electronic bathroom faucet from Sanindusa is a sleek, uncluttered option ideal for home or public use.
Great for situations where hygiene is key – also see these electronic faucets by Ceramica Dolomite.
Sanindusa Spot electronic touch bath faucet


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