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Green Color Home Decor: bringing outdoors in

These days it’s all about bringing the outdoors inside when it comes to home decor, and what better way to do that than to incorporate green as the main color used throughout. By using green, not only does it reference nature’s palette, it also references green spaces – literally.
The Shakin Stevens House by Matt Gibson Architecture is located in Melbourne, Australia. A modern home, it features walls of sliding glass to open the inside up to the outside. To keep a minimalist visual continuum, the architects used white on the outdoor furnishings and green and white with natural wood on the interior decor.

Green color blocking is used on both the kitchen and living room cabinetry.
The living room – opposite the kitchen – features a hardwood floor with a wall of millwork in various shades of green. The hardwood flooring appears to continue outdoors via the terrace decking on either side of it.
The various shades of green within the millwork are vibrant, bold and seriously fun. The cabinetry uses push/pull hardware, to not interfere with its streamlined geometry.
Across from the living room in a separate cube shape is the kitchen. The separation is enhanced by the change of flooring material to a polished white concrete.
Reinforcing the separate cube aesthetic, the architects built the kitchen one step up but they didn’t want the space to be completely different, so here just as in the living room a vibrant green is used within the cabinetry and natural wood is used in the dining table, chairs and light pendant.
Green even peaks through the small gaps between the white doors.
All the little details have been considered. Even the kick is green, mirroring the green recessed cupboard crown.
The thick, marble counters drop down to become bench seating for the dining table – love that!
Upstairs where the bedrooms are located the theme of green continues sparingly.
While there may be less pops of green in the sleeping zones, nature still prevails within this monochromatic birch tree wallpaper.
A vase with a statement leaf sneaks in a little natural greenery on the beside table.
Next to the bed a small table boasts a green stem base.
Wherever you are in the Shakin Stevens House, nature prevails.
Finally, check out this green entry door that we mentioned before (yes, the entrance is still a Victorian style) – it sets the motif for the entire house.
Matt Gibson Architecture
A colorful sofa is another way to bring the outdoors inside – this living room in green feels so uplifting and fresh.


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