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New Product Debut by Linkasink – Patterned Bronze and Mother of Pearl Mosaic sinks

Linkasink Bronze bowl sinks
Introducing the new line of patterned Bronze and Mother of Pearl mosaic sinks from Linkasink.
Patterned Bronze sinks are being hand-cast one at a time, and are available in a selection of patterns and two color types – antique bronze and white bronze (shown above). The white bronze sinks are far more durable than a metal sink with a satin nickel finish. The use of white bronze was originally made popular by the decorative hardware industry to produce high-end residential door handles and other hardware that would stand up to heavy use and the outdoor elements. Linkasink is among the first companies to create sinks in white bronze. The sinks measure 17″ in diameter x 6″ deep with a 1.5″ drain. They can be used as a vessel or a drop-in sink. Suggested retail price is $1600 – $1700.
Linkasink Mother of Pearl mosaics sink
Mother of Pearl mosaic sinks are available in two new stunning colors – dusk (shown above) and midnight. Both of these colors add a level of sophistication to a beautifully designed sink. The mosaic tiles are individually hand laid in the basin of a metal bowl. The metal exterior of this Wok Vessel sink is available in bronze or white bronze finishes. Mother of pearl, the smooth lustrous lining in shells, comes from pearl oysters found in the warm tropical seas. Each mosaic is hand crafted by artisans at Linkasink facilities in Arizona. Mother of pearl is extremely hard and durable and, in fact, must be cut using a diamond blade. Unlike stone, mother of pearl will not stain, making it perfect for applications with sinks. These mosaic sinks can be cleaned with any mild cleanser. From an aesthetic standpoint, the natural pearl essence of this material as well as the variations in color give these sinks a very luxurious look. The sink measures 14″ x 6″ with a 1.5″ drain and is also available in a larger version with a 17″ diameter. Suggested retail price is $1400 – $1800.
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