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Decorative Drain Covers from Linkasink

Just when you thought you had everything for your bathroom, Linkasink create another must have item. Linkasink decorative drain covers add whimsy and character to any basin. Compatible with any bathroom or kitchen sink, the decorative cover hides a compression pop-up mechanism. With a quick touch the drain opens and closes easily, and the decorative cover removes for simple cleaning. Kirk Guthrie has designed a range of 65 decorative drain covers for Linkasink. By mixing tactile materials with many exotic and ethnic inspired patterns, they engage the users’ senses. Available with metal or stone sculptures, or a multitude of materials like shell, pearls, glass, and cloisonné; there is something to match every bathroom. With such variety it’s easy to add character and personality, even humour to any design. Priced between $100 to $150, Linkasink have a created a charismatic item that will add character and personalise any bathroom.



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