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Stunning Floral Patterned Mosaic Tiles from Bisazza

No one can create tile as gorgeous as the Italian masters can. The floral patterns created by Bisazza in this line are spectacular. Bisazza was established in Northern Italy and has been producing fine mosaic and glass tiles for over 50 years for both indoors and out. Their most recent creations are true masterpieces, beginning with their Alfresco pattern (above and immediately below). Renowned designer Paola Navone contributed this design (and one other) to the 2014 collection. Alfresco marries black and white mosaic tiles with exploding color and vibrant blossoms. What a stunning wall this would make in a breakfast salon! This line is designed to make a bespoke surface — you can choose as much or as little of the floral bursts or black and white mosaics. Do half a wall in the flowers, do a quarter of the wall – your choice. Bisazza rounds out their collection with amazing florals in assorted colors and patterns that are sure to delight. This new collection of inspiring mosaics from one of the world leaders in tile will be turning some heads at shows, and in homes, around the world.

Use purple flowers in the kitchen!
There is a wide array of floral patterns to choose from.
Designer Paola Navone with her Alfresco design.
The Alfresco design is spectacular – and you can customize it.
More information: Bisazza


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