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New Franke kitchen faucet – the Papillon Armatur faucet with pull-out

This new Franke Kitchen Faucet – Papillon Armature with pull-out – brings soft flowing forms and detailed natural shapes into kitchen design. Inspired by the relaxed gentle nature of the butterfly, the Papillon Armature aims to bring these virtues into your home. Crowned by a graphic butterfly control, this kitchen faucet establishes a light-hearted approach. The butterfly rests lightly on the curving dome of the body. The spout reaches out like a branch and finished with the intriguing pull-out spray. The spray head shows fabulous detail with its switch and round nozzles, reminiscent of eyes and antenna. The detail is a fabulous contrast to most minimalist faucets, while retaining the smooth lines of the design. A fabulous way to add curving forms and distinctive personality, the Papillon Armature faucet is available from Franke for 250 EUR or $330 US.


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