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Grohe Kitchen Faucet – the new Minta modern faucet

Simple forms that have an architectural grace, the new Grohe Kitchen Faucet, Minta, balances function with style. Comprised of a simple tube, the Minta Kitchen Faucet retains a rectilinear form despite two gentle curves. The body and control of the faucet hover above the counter, suspended only by the tall spout. The contrast between the diameters in the body, the spout, and the lever control generate interest and give the faucet an elegant design language. The Minta Faucet features a dual spray pull-out with a minimalist spray head, for added functionality that compliments the whole faucet. With the SilkMove technology that provides a super smooth motion, this Grohe Faucet is a pleasure to use. A beautiful minimalist design, the Grohe Minta Faucet is a favorite with designers and architects for a modern kitchen faucet.


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