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New Minotti Smith Lounge System – urban modern

Minotti Smith lounge in leather
Minotti Smith Lounge System takes a simple concept and expands upon it. The rectangular cushions and geometric form of the seating is uniquely modern – something you might find in an up-to-date urban apartment with a strict emphasis on the minimal. A modular system, coffee tables in burled walnut or brushed porphyry can connect the Smith Lounge benches, or the elements can be pushed together to create a spacious sofa alternative. The benches come in one size, but with two differently sized backrests which can be positioned in various areas. Decorative cushions and armrests are available to add to the look, making it just how you desire. Versatile furniture for how you live now… the Smith Lounge System is new from Minotti.
Minotti Smith lounge system with the elements pushed together to create a spacious sofa


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