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New Kohler Toilet with Bidet Functionality – a smart, combined choice for apartment dwellers

[New Product Coverage from KBIS 2008]
Kohler Gabrielle K-3608-0 Comfort Height elongated toilet with integrated seat with bidet functionality
With their new Toilet with Bidet Functionality, Kohler makes widely available in the U.S. a highly practical feature that the Japanese have long taken for granted… The optional seat for enhanced personal hygiene incorporated into a regular toilet is an opportunity too good to miss! For those living in urban areas with limited space in their apartment, these toilets make perfect sense, combining two functions into one item of bathroom furniture. There are two models of toilets with bidet functionality: the Gabrielle and the San Raphael, both sleek elongated designs in pure white. The Gabrielle toilet has a traditional type tank, whereas the more compact San Raphael does not. Exceptional flushing performance and ease of cleaning make the toilets a smart choice. Contact Kohler to find out more about their exceptional new functionality.


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