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Hydromassage Tub for Corner Installation from Gruppo Treesse – new Slide

Fitting neatly into a spare corner the Slide hydromassage tub from Gruppo Treesse will add so much to your lifestyle. Discreet and linear the Slide will not dominate your bathroom, but it may dominate your free time as you discover the benefits of hydro-massage! You can combine this with color and audio therapy (there are audio jacks for your MP3 or CD player as well as an integrated radio!) for the ultimate in relaxation. The spacious 140 x 140 x 63 cm interior is suitable for two people, and there are double back rests to keep you both comfortable. Gruppo Treesse refers to this tub as having ‘faultless design’ and we’d tend to agree! Designer Fabrizio Batoni succeeds in making a tub that marries form and function effortlessly. From Italian company Gruppo Treesse, the Slide corner tub is new.
Another attractive corner tub for two – the TMU from BainUltra.


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