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New Gesto bathroom and kitchen faucet series from Whitehaus

The new Whitehaus Gesto faucet presents an unusual design … Instead of levers or handles there’s a rotating ring to control the flow. A rectangular spout connects to a cylindrical base. The entire Gesto faucet line looks out of ordinary. An innovative faucet like Gesto can add the finishing touch to your modern contemporary kitchen or bath. This new line of bathroom and kitchen faucets shows how much impact a plumbing fixture can have when incorporated into your decor. Whether you choose a lavatory faucet, kitchen faucet, bath mixer, or shower head, these faucets each have a unique quality that makes them distinct from the other products on the market. Each design is refined but bears certain details that make it interesting, whether it be contrasting metal textures, flat or round edges, or differences in scale. This Whitehaus line is versatile enough to be combined with various other fixture types, but can add a distinct flavor to your space. Available from Whitehaus.

Gesto wall-mount bath mixer
Gesto wall-mounted shower arm
Gesto kitchen prep faucet


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