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New Canoe Shaped Stone Sinks from Eden Bath have a Powerful Profile

eden bath canoe shaped stone sinks New Canoe Shaped Stone Sinks from Eden Bath have a Powerful Profile
Inspired by a traditional Native American water faring vessel… the new canoe-shaped stone sinks from Eden Bath make an ordinary shape into something extraordinary. Recognising the increasing popularity of stone sinks Eden Bath has created this unusual piece, both designing and manufacturing the sink, like all of their products. The dramatic canoe-shaped sink is certainly memorable, and with its fresh, solid North American appeal it is set to become a favourite. The gently curving shape stands out from the crowd – easy to use and easy on the eye. Its design is based on a copper version of the canoe-shaped sink which has enjoyed wild popularity since it was launched. The stone version will be available in polished Perlato SF marble, as well as honed and filled imported beige travertine, with other materials to follow later in the year. Eden Bath has a range of over 50 unique stone lavatory models – contact them to learn more about the graceful canoe-shaped stone sink.
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