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Solid State Lighting – new Homegrown Green Solution from Bear Creek Glass

Bear Creek Glass Pioggia Lighting
Whimsical new Solid State Lighting options from Bear Creek Glass will set your imagination, and conscience, free. This homegrown American company believes so strongly in the efficiency of Solid State Lighting (SSL) that a lifetime warranty is offered on each and every bulb! An environmentally friendly option, SSL lasts ten times longer than any other light sources on the market, uses less energy than incandescent lighting, and does not contain any of the harmful mercury of fluorescents. So, these gorgeous styles will be absolutely timeless additions to your home, both in style and functionality. Pictured above is the contemporary Pioggia ceiling lighting, which features a casual, classic shape that would look great in a kitchen or hallway. Below is a selection of other alternatives such as the inspiring Cloud cluster of white glass spheres, and the bubble-like Principia clear glass pendants. Spiky or smooth, dominant or subtle, Bear Creek Glass provides alternatives in your choice of a range of exquisite glass varieties.
Bear Creek Glass SSL lighting variety


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