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Tree Shaped House in Separation Creek, Australia

This is not a tree house, as it sits on its own concrete foundation, but it could easily be taken for one. Situated on a hillside with trees and bush vegetation and overlooking the ocean, the house seems to be part of the forest thanks to its shape, colors and reduced size. In order to integrate it as much as possible in the natural surroundings, architects Jackson Clements Burrows have designed a tree-like shape, with a central trunk body and branch-like protrusions. This layout allowed them to keep a reduced footprint while opening views in different directions and most importantly on the ocean and beach below. The upper level core of the house consists of the kitchen and the dining room. From this core, a westwards projection makes a cubic glazed sun room, while the southward projection hosts the living room. This part of the house cantilevers 6 meters from the core above the ocean, and ends in a deck terrace that opens dramatic views. The eastward projection half a level below as well as the lower level of the house consist of bedrooms, bathrooms and a laundry. The sculptural shape of the house together with materials and colors used for the facade completely camouflage it on the bushy hill, making it one with nature.

The exterior of the house has a very vintage look, as the architects chose to use painted fibro with cement sheet lining for the facades, like the local shacks of the 50’s. These panels are joined by vertical timber battens in natural finish, that over time with become ash grey like the trunks of the surrounding trees. The two shades of green chosen for the façade paint merge the house with the vegetation of the site.
The six meters long front projection ends with a suspended terrace that opens up an 180 degrees view.
From afar, the house can only be spotted if you know it’s there.
The interior benefits from a lot of natural light coming from all directions. The interior design is simple, with white walls and honey colored wooden floors. The furniture is a mix of contemporary and rustic, scattered here and there in a minimal approach, to the benefit of space and light!


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