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New bathroom collection from Keuco – Edition 300 interior concept

The Edition 300 Keuco bathroom collection uses a geometric language of form to describe its range of bathroom fixtures and furniture. Using circular curves and perpendicular angles to create a united design, Keuco have assembled a strong confident bathroom concept. The Edition 300 bathroom collection is as functional as it is beautiful. Behind the cabinets and fronts abound innovative storage solutions. The wall cabinets have small shelves in the front door and a flexible storage that provides even a laundry basket. Below the sink is a spacious drawer for all the essentials. The sleek mirror medicine cabinet provides a flexible dynamic hide away for toiletries, while keeping them in easy reach. The Edition 300 is available in four body colours and 6 front colours. This offers fantastic versatility, while offering bold contrast that makes the bathroom concept standout. The olive wood veneer is particularly noteworthy. An unusual choice, the wood is smooth and sensual, and the distinctive grain adds a fabulous pattern. Keuco have truly covered every detail with this bathroom concept; from the faucets to the towel rails and tumbler holder, each item has been carefully designed to feature the same sophisticated character.


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